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Alchemia records

Бортовой журнал студии звукозаписи

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ALCHEMIA records студия продакшн
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продакшн студия, аранжировки, саундпродюсирование
в сообществе выкладываются отчеты о работе продакшн-студии, мероприятиях (выставки, концерты и пр.), так или иначе связанных с world music, progressive, семинарах по музыкальной педагогике, встречах с интересными музыкантами, релизах традиционной аутентичной музыки, а также ссылки на ресурсы по музыке народов мира.

Саунд продюсер
Алексей Рацен

Unique Technical Solutions for Unique Music!

Music styles
Our main accent is on the sub-genres of world music (folk music, ethnic music, root music, ethnic fusion, ethnic electronic, folk-rock) and progressive rock (art rock, canterbury scene, experimental/post-rock, indo-prog/raga rock, italian symphonic prog, jazz rock/fusion, krautrock, neo progressive, prog folk, progressive electronic, progressive metal, psychedelic/space rock, RIO/avant-prog, symphonic prog, zeuhl).

We plan to attract music and multimedia projects on a wide competition basis, with music producing and publishing.

World music: authentic recordings and neo-folklore

World music for us is:
Music genre which includes isolated forms of ethno-music from all over the world, in authentic or modern (actual) musical interpretation.

Its distinctive features:
- wide range of genres from pop and rock music to avant-garde and classical
- ethnical instruments and timbres usage
- application of samples (electronic)
- indicative (e.g. oriental) modal and rhythmic patterns, factures and tones
- context, ideologic colouring
- national cultures diffusion
- penetration of primitive nations' music to modern urban culture

Progressive rock
Progressive rock for us is an ambitious, eclectic, monumental music genre which was formed in England in late 60s and was spread to Europe, USA etc in early 70s.
Its distinctive features:
- Polystylistic fusions of musical genres — from classical music to avant-garde
- lengthy compositions (sometimes in many parts)
- conceptual albums (Yes, Jethro Tull, Genesis, Rush)
- wide range of musical instruments applied (including folk, classical etc)
- unusual rhythms and tonality changes, polyphony
- symphonic musical constructions

Creative recording studio
- Sound-producing; creating the album’s sound; pre-studio;
- Midi-arrangements;
- Track mastering;
- Drums recording;
- Phonograms restoration & editing;
- Audio digitization;
- Making of movies’ and installations’ soundtracks.


Мы сотрудничаем с лучшими студиями звукозаписи Санкт-Петербурга



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